How to Become a Girls Basketball All-American

You hear about the McDonald’s All American team and game. You hear about the WBCA High School All-America team and game. You also hear about the Parade All-America team. But what is the secret about getting on these teams. Let me fill you in. businessinside

You must play outside of your regular school schedule

Long gone are the days where you only play from November to March. According to the McDonald’s All American website many rising seniors make this list based on an excellent junior year or for having an outstanding summer participating in summer camps and AAU tournaments. aimsinstitute

You must get media coverage

Long gone are the days when you do not hear about girls basketball in newspapers, on the radio, on the internet and on tv. McDonald’s All American website also says during the selection process names are submitted by members of the Selection Committee as well as state representatives who religiously follow the prep scene in their areas. In addition, fitnessbuilder Sports America subscribes to every major basketball publication and is read very carefully by its staff to ensure that some deserving players are not overlooked.

You must be a national player

Long gone are the days when you only play basketball in your city and for your school team. You have to play in events and tournaments that expose your talents nationally. For example, rtp-pay4d for over 25 years Blue Star has been one of the most influential organizations in selecting and advising such publications rankings and listings as found in The Sporting News, USA Today, Gatorade Circle of Champions, and MCDONALDS ALL AMERICAN TEAM just to name a few. I became a nationally player after attending a Blue Star event.

Will this listing guarantee you a Girls Basketball All America? No it will not. But in the process of following this, you will have plenty of college coaches wanting your skills on their team. atotalnews

My name is Patosha Jeffery. I’ve been involved in basketball as a player, coach and trainer since 1987. My skills were good enough to get me a full basketball scholarship to the University of Memphis. I’ve coached several young ladies that’s earned basketball scholarships themselves to schools like the University of Colorado, academictask University of Florida, Southern Mississippi, Ole Miss, Arkansas State and Florida A&M to name a few. I am a Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Sports Conditioning.


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