Underground Ninja Advertising Tactics

Everyone who runs a business, no matter how small, needs to have an advertising ‘plan’. Most people who start a small business, usually do so on a shoe-string budget, but with the internet now available to ‘most’ mobile phone owners, NOW is the time to start your ‘Underground Ninja Advertising Tactics.

Firstly, you need to spend a small amount of money on obtaining a domain name and a cheap but reliable hosting account. This could cost you as little as $25 inclusive.

Godaddy.com or Hostgator.com are two great services that offer good value for money, car ninja as well as simple step-by-step guidance for those with little or no experience.

Choosing your domain name carefully is ‘essential’ to your Ninja advertising success. It needs to be short, sharp and snappy. Above all, it must be very easy to remember. Like Google, eBay, Yahoo. They are all instantly memorable, which is why they’ve been so successful. My own domain FRED67.com was chosen specifically for this purpose. Not only that, but the logo is also bright and colorful, adding to it’s attraction-factor. The tag-line ‘The Search Ends Here’ adds a little mystery to the inquiring minds of the public.

Your URL could be something like – RED.com – tagline – ‘Red? Why Red?

Imagine if you saw that scrawled somewhere as you were out and about. Wouldn’t you just think to yourself, “I wonder what that’s all about then?” If you had an internetty mobile phone, you might just type RED.com into the little browser just to see, and even if not you, many people would. Latest foodie story But what they find when they arrive at your index page is vitally important.

Whatever your business is. You need to hit them ‘hard’ with your message about your business. Again, it needs to be short, sharp, and to the point. It needs to tell the visitor in just a few short lines ‘exactly’ what you’re about. If you have a pretty web-page up that’s fine. But your message could hit people even ‘harder’ if it was standing alone on a white background with no frills or distractions anywhere to be seen. Just your important message and a divert link or telephone number for more details.

If you think this doesn’t work, ask Google.com or Craigslist.com who both use the plain white page to get across their messages.

OK, you’ve got your domain, your hosting, and your index/home-page up and ready for visitors. It’s now time to go underground with a batch of postcards with just your URL –  RED.com  in large colourful lettering, and below it, your ‘tagline’ –

Red? Why Red? more info please visit these websites:-https://www.usajournalz.com https://ferall.si/ https://www.vrgyani.com plus some ‘blu-tack’ for sticking the cards to prominent surfaces without causing any damage. Bill-boards, post-boxes, the back of buses, toilet cubicle doors, lamp-posts etc, etc., the list could be endless.

You also have natural Ninja resources like the dirt on the back of vans and lorries. Just write the URL and tag-line in the dirt with your finger. Most drivers with dirty vans are too lazy to wipe it off anyway, and you get free advertising up and down the highways of your country J.

Take a bit of chalk out with you and just write it on the pavement in bold letters for all to see as they pass over. The sides of rubbish skips are also ideal. For some reason, most people will look at a skip as they drive, or walk past. Your little ‘display-ad’ might just grab their attention.

If you live near the sea, you’ll have the beach, just as the tide is going out, scrape your message in the sand in really big letters. Or get large pebbles and spell out your URL and tag-line with those. You will have several hours of FREE advertising until the tide returns to wash it away.

If you own a car, as most people do. Purchase those very cheap stick-on sun blinds that have rubber suction pads to fix them. Two side-blinds and one larger one for the back window. They’re see-through, so they won’t restrict your vision in any way. Now get a paint spray can, cut out a template from newspaper or similar, and spray on your URL & tag-line. Stick your blinds back in your windows and wherever you drive, your message goes with you without paying for expensive sign-writing, or damaging your vehicle.


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