Why Christian Single Ladies Can’t Find Their Boaz!

Why Christian Single Ladies Can’t Find Their Boaz!

Why christian Single Ladies can’t find their Boaz!

A big cry among single ladies, is, “there are no single guys at my church.” There are other single ladies, who say, “I want a good, christian man, who believes in waiting until marriage for intimacy.” Some ladies say, “It’s very hard to find a quality guy with very good Godly principles”. The story of Ruth is a reminder that God never gives up, nor leave a single woman alone. In fact God is a God of second chances. God desires for us to see Ruth and Boaz’s union as an example of how he,”notices:, loves and redeems each of us, especially those who feel as though life has ravaged all promises and purpose. Ruth was a woman, who lacked the right family structure, position, and purity that most people would have expected a man like Boaz to desire.


  • she was not Jewish, she was a foreigner
  • she was not a virgin, but a widower
  • she was not wealthy, she was even less than a servant girl


Yet, she obtained favor from an honorable man who loved her whole heartedly and willfully provided, protected, covered, prayed for and ultimately redeemed her. Boaz loved Ruth because of her character and her heart:

Sisters, ladies, do you struggle with feelings, of I am not good enough? Do you ever wonder if god is still in your life?. Have you ever asked why God will not provide a Godly man, for a Godly sister/daughter? I pray and hope the following steps will help you to see where you are as a single lady. But remember a woman’s relationship status does not define her, so being single is not a disease or an indication of something,”wrong” with you,it is just that God’s plan for your life has not been fulfilled. What God did for Ruth he will do for you.

Let us examine, these 8 steps, to find your Boaz;

#1) Christian ladies want a man, that, knows where he is going- but most of God’s men usually don’t have a clue:

What made Boaz perfect for Ruth, had very little to do with his relationship to Naomi, his influence, or his wealth. It was the fact that he was the son of Rehab; Matthew 1.5, a harlot who by grace was wedded to one of Israelite prince–Salmon. Boaz, grew up in a dysfunctional home- his mother a prostitute, and his father came from royalty. Boaz did not have all the proper influences and direction, but he had a great heart.

Most of God’s men servants did not have a clue, where they were going, even though they had a great relationship with God, who used and blesses them. Even if they had a clue their lives did not reflect that great place god promised to take them. All the men from Abraham, Joseph, David, and Paul, did not know where they where going. The point ladies,God’s men don’t,always have a good sense of what they want in life. So stop, looking down at a Godly man, who god place in your presence, and saying; ” he is not a man,because he does not know what he wants in life:” Single Ladies, stop looking for men who have it all figured out? They are taken!, because some other lady, helped them figure out where they are going.

#2) What is your risk versus Rewards tolerance?

You have heard it said, the more risk you take, the greater the chance for a bigger reward.! Read, Ruth 2:3, and notice how God placed Ruth in the right part of the field, belonging to Boaz, because she stepped out in faith to find work. The point ladies, you want to get the best man, with least amount of risk, not just financial. You want the man to take all the risk, for you to be convinced he really wants you, before you share who you really are. The guy don’t know you but the first thing you become is a private investigator, and you may even employ, others to investigate, maybe your friend, your mommy, auntie, cousin, every body investigating who this guy is. You maybe financially irresponsible, spender. You are into spending wildly on,your hair, shoes, bags, but you want a man who knows how to make and keep money. Have you grown your faith and prayer life to where God expect it to be, but you want a saint, who will chase out demons, spitting bible through his hair, you want a spiritual warrior, because he is the priest of the home. You want the man to be transparent, yet you are covered with hair extensions, push up bras, make up and layers of stuff that make it impossible to see who you really are. You are lazy, but you want a man who will burn the candles at both ends, working late nights to provide for you. Many christian ladies say they have faith but they don’t. They said they put their trust in God for their future, but they put their trust in a man. They want to know, what kind of job he has, are what kind of job he has the potential to get. How much is he making, are can make? They are checking out the guy to see if he has the ability to Provide. You want a guy who has it all figured out in life, my question to you is, what do you have to offer the guy? Can you cook? can you be a good home maker? can you be a

‘backup’ financially, if the man lost his job are sickness occurs? Ladies,stop fighting the battle to find a Boaz,you do not have to have everything perfectly figured out, God can lead you to the right man, if you trust his perfect will for your life, if you will pray, wait on God to fight your battles,.

#3 ) Good christian men look for women who share similar- non Romantic, and non-spiritual values:

Ladies, men still need a girl who is of great worth,are some one of economic value, a woman who is dependable, a godly woman who is filled with goodness; a woman who is industrious/ fashion designer; a woman who is wise; an entrepreneur; a strong and brave woman; a woman who is attentive; a hard worker;a woman of compassion; a woman who is confident and elegant;a woman who is admirable;a godly woman who can be a capitalist, a godly woman who is dignified; a godly woman who is watchful,especially a woman who keep watch over the activities of the home and coordinate the work to be done; men, needs a woman who is honored- show servant leadership in her household. A godly man, needs a woman that is respected,he needs a virtuous woman; and most of all, a Godly woman that is acclaimed, her reputation is known to be virtuous, not one who sleep around with several men. “Ruth was such a virtuous woman. Boaz, says in Ruth 3.11, ‘ now don’t worry about a thing, my daughter. I will do what is necessary, for every one in town knows you are a virtuous woman. Are you known to be a virtuous woman?

Ruth is a great example, with work ethic. Ruth chapter 2, shares with us how Ruth knew, how to tie up her hair, forgot about dirt into her nails, wrap her skirt, more info please visit:-https://www.dominiquevereecke.be/https://outlethomedezign.nl/http://liveasianwebcams.nl/http://amateurtjes-sexfilms.nl/http://gratishardcoresexfilms.nl/ and get on the grinding mill. Ruth was a hard worker, which caught Boaz eyes. She took only break that was offered, and went back to work. Ladies you cannot define a man by his job, are how much money he is, are can make, you have to show him you can match his hard working ability. Ruth could work hard, yet she always look pretty. Read- Ruth 3:3.

#4) Is your product, marketing itself:

I spent over 3o years, in the financial services business, and in most cases we have to prequalify a lead. That is we have to quickly decide if the lead has the potential to buy,or will the lead pass a fitness test.Sometimes the lead does not look and smell like money, as some unwise sales man, we disconnect, and assume the lead is not of any use, and many times behave accordingly to the prospect. The same is true in relationship, many single ladies, prequalify the guy prematurely, and many times the girl’s behavior is disrespectful, with that non-verbal-“” you are neither dating nor marriage material”ladies,just like sales people pre-qualifying a lead, you never know who the next big fish is, so your attitude towards a brother can build you are break you. Most ladies will say I treat everyone with respect, but consider the last 5 guys that showed interest in you, or did you make the situation awkward for them? Did they walk away embarrassed, or did they walk away saying that is a classy woman? Ask yourself, ” is your product, marketing itself”?

#5) Godly men know their worth and don’t want to settle:

Men are aware of their worth. Many young men are seeking God, showing up at relationship seminars, and are getting more information about a quality wife- material. Young men are realizing how important the choice of a good wife, has on their lives, and ministry. They are looking beneath the facade of many women, because they know a good woman can make them a better man.They are praying more, and they are recognizing that while the woman is still a prize, they too are Gold in the eyes of God and they want to do the right thing for God. My sisters in christ, men are praying for a Ruth, but they are also praying not to find a Delilah!

#6) Do you have a Good Testimony with men?

Have you ever, been asked to give a reference on a lady in your church, that a Guy likes? Well this happened with Ruth and Boaz. Ruth 2 vs 4-8. Boaz returned from his trip, saw Ruth and asked his field manager, “whose maiden is this? The field manager, gave a glowing reference of Ruth. Ladies, do you think Ruth could have had a secret crush on Boaz and kept it to herself. Absolutely- ladies, ワールドカップ 2018 sometimes your girl friends have to force a confession out of you! We men are not good at keeping secrets like that. The moment we think you look good, we start to investigate. First we get reference from other guys because they will tell it like it is and guys will not spread it around the church and make things difficult for the brother, who has an interest. Neither will he cause all the sisters to start giving dirty eye to the brother. The fact is many christian sisters can be poisonous sometimes, if they do not consider the man a prospect. Ladies, do not forget that the man you treat like dirt, マイクラネザライト could be a reference for you to another man. Some may never have approached you but they have watched your behavior with other men from afar, and it could be some one who had an interest in you but you didn’t like. The question is, Do you look at how you treat the last 10 men who showed interest in you, it could affect your testimony from other men.

#7) Wanted: A Proverbs 31 man.

Yes ladies, Proverbs 31 man, review this chapter in the context of a man, from your feminine perspective, and you will notice that these are the characteristics women are seeking in a man. The fact is women should be developing these qualities, but women are putting that passage of scripture aside, and looking for those qualities in a man.Women, need men who will be leaders in their homes and community, 足裏マッサージ and in the nations around the world. Men who will be compassionate like Christ and as gentle servants that leads more by example than commands. A man cannot be accountable to God if he cannot lead you.Many young ladies are looking for a leader but many times does not give the man a chance to lead. A christian man does not want to be a Hosea. He does not want to be leading a woman he can’t be accountable to God about.




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