Sunday Worship and Sun Worship

Constantine was a Roman Emperor with power to change things and force his will over the people. He was an Amorite; that is he was descended from the Amors of Babylon. To go back in time to their origin they are of the tribe started by Ismal, the son of Abraham (O’b-ra-ma). Names has been adjusted and refined since their inception and through the Spirit I learned to take words apart and discover their original meaning. The result was later verified through my degree in archaeology, anthropology and linguistics.

A branch of linguistics deals with the historical changes that occur with language over time. Early sounds have altered and terms have been developed from symbols of the past. It was this that I first learned when the Spirit instructed me.

Language developed from sun-worship and the need to pass on philosophical thoughts to others. It was the start of religion and without the sounds complex thoughts, such as that required for worship, would not have had a vehicle to travel.

The simple sounds of speech are still used today but now they may be written differently and have other sounds added to them. One instance is [r] which sounds like the phonetic [a]. Doubling sounds increased potency and [r-r] became [r-a] and then [ra] or even ‘ray’. It means ‘power’ and ‘Ra’ was a sun-god of Egypt.

This allowed me to understand the origin of sun worship and the role of Abraham in it. ‘O-b-ra-ma’ translates as ‘circle bearing powerful mother’ in simplistic terms. ‘Ra-ma’ became the chief God of the Vedic Trinity of India. ‘Ra-ma-dan’ is the feast festival of Islam. The name was given to the ram because of its curved horns that resemble the sun on the head of Isis in Egypt.

There is much more to the story but it’s too detailed to go into in this article. The point is that sun-worship started some 4,000 years ago with Abraham and his son Ismal. The latter’s name translates as ‘eye of light-mother god’ and written another way it is ‘Islam’.

‘O-r’ or ‘circle of power’ is an old term for sun and it is in ‘awe’ because of worship of it. ‘Ore’ was given to the metal that reflects the sun and other words were derived from it that relate back to the practice. ‘M-or’ translates as ‘mother sun’ while ‘a-m-or’ translates as ‘powerful mother sun’. This is the origin of Amor.

The Amors are written of in ancient texts as they raided, murdered, enslaved and occupied lands throughout Mesopotamia. Their next capital after Babylon was ‘Mari’ which means ‘mother’s powerful eye’. Then they built ‘Roma’ which is the reverse of amor.

So Constantine who established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD was an Amorite and Islamic. He put his own form of worship into the religion to maintain the power of the Mother God who is now called Mother of God, Mary.

He then changed the day of worship to Sunday, the ‘dies solis’ or festival to the sun. The symbols, costumes, calendar, festivals, feast days, instruments and laws it follows were taken from the Imperial Roman Islamic religion and installed in it by Jerome, who also compiled and partly wrote the New Testament.

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