Personal Accident Insurance Supplements – Injury Policy Review and Price Guide

Personal accident insurance supplements in the United States are also known as 24 Hour Accident Coverage, Accident Supplemental Benefit Plan, and Accident Medical Coverage. These injury supplements are designed to cover upfront emergency room and accident related medical expenses. Accident policies can be used with any licensed doctor, hospital emergency room, urgent quick care facility, or medical clinic.

Plans are guarantee issue up til age 65 or 70 and the online applications have no health questions (only birth dates and social security numbers). These injury insurance supplements are automatic acceptance because they are not in the insurance category, rather the supplemental indemnity insurance category. ER plans serve as compensation insurance. The basic definition of indemnity is to compensate someone for a financial loss. In the case, the accident only plans will compensate policy holders for doctor and hospital bills up to a predetermined amount. Policies only payout for bodily injuries and not sickness or disease related emergency room visits.

Personal accident insurance supplement benefit amounts in this niche are $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, and $10,000 US dollars. Plans work by compensating people up to the selected benefit amount minus the plan deductible which is usually $100 dollars. Injury policies only pay up to the predetermined policy face value and any hospital bill above that is on you. Each accident or injury is treated as a separate event and the benefits and deductible reset. Deductible is the out of pocket expense you have before the accident policy pays. In this case, plans have a $100 dollar risk (deductible) per accident or injury and pays up to the predetermined policy amount of $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, or $10,000. Benefits are only payable to accidents that occurred after the policy effective date.

Here’s the plan benefits at a glance:

-Physician surgical fees (inpatient & outpatient).
-Emergency room care costs.
-Registered Nurse.
-Doctors visits.
-Ambulance bill.
-Prescription Drugs.
-Operating room costs.
-Dental treatment for injured sound natural teeth.
-General hospital confinement (room & board).
-Laboratory tests.
-Blood plasma.
-Crutches, Casts, Splints, Braces.
-Rental of durable medical equipment.

Family accident supplement price guide:

(Family monthly dues are a steal. A 10 person household pays the same as a 3 person family. Bigger the family, bigger the accident coverage payout).

$35.00 US dollars a month: $5,000 Benefit Family Supplement
$41.00 US dollars a month: $7,500 Benefit Family
$47.00 US dollars a month: $10,000 Benefit Family

Personal accident insurance supplement price guide for individuals:

$24.00 US dollars a month: $5,000 Benefit Individual Supplement
$29.00 US dollars a month: $7,500 Benefit Individual
$36.00 US dollars a month: $10,000 Benefit Individual         

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